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Indigenous Literatures in English

FNUnivā€™s Indigenous Literatures in English program offers University of Regina, Department of English approved introductory courses, including pre-ENGL 100 courses, on all three campuses, as well as higher-level courses at the Regina campus. English courses at FNUniv focus on Indigenous literatures, cultures, and histories. Faculty and sessional lecturers also ensure students gain excellent writing, research and communication skills that can be used to both further their study of First Nations and non-First Nations literatures, and generally enhance their academic success at the ¶«¾©ČČapp. 

Programs Offered: 

FNUniv students can earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA) Major in English, a Bachelor of Arts (BA) Honours Major in English, or a Certificate of Indigenous Literatures in English. Students who are interested in writing creative work such as poetry, fiction, or drama can take a Concentration in Creative Writing within the BA English programs. If a student is majoring in another discipline but would like to take a number of English courses, they can consider taking a Minor in English.  

A degree in English develops skills and competencies essential to many career paths, including education, law, advertising, public relations, journalism, social media, grant writing, marketing, publishing, and research, among others. 

Careers Include: 

  • Professional Writer/Editor 
  • Corporate Communications 
  • Public Relations 
  • Education 

Program Available At: 

  • Regina Campus 
  • Saskatoon Campus 
  • Northern Campus 

Certificate in Indigenous Literatures in English

This certificate will allow students to gain a basic grounding in Indigenous literatures in the English language. It is open to all students of literature and/or Indigenous issues, who can thus be recognized for incorporating a strong component towards Indigenization within their studies.

ENGL 100 is considered a prerequisite for all courses that follow, and the section of ENGL 110 that contributes to this certificate should have an approved theme within the broad category of Indigenous Literature. The remaining courses are all specific to Indigenous literatures.

All sections of ENGL 310AA-ZZ require a theme in North American Indigenous Literatures, and the INDL course (240AA-ZZ, 241 or 242) are courses in traditional literatures of Canadian Indigenous groups in English translation. 

The final choice of an additional approved credit may include a second choice from the ENGL 310AA-ZZ series, or another literature course with an Indigenous theme, such as ENGL 384AG, ENGL 440AK, ENGL 475AM, or 485AT.

Credit hoursCertificate in Indigenous Literatures in English, required courses
3.0ENGL 100
3.0ENGL 110 (with an approved Indigenous Literature theme)
3.0ENGL 214
3.0One of INDL 241, 242 (formerly HUM 250, 251) or a section of INDL 240AA-ZZ
3.0One course from the ENGL 310AA-ZZ series
3.0One additional approved course with an Indigenous Literature theme (which may include a second choice from the ENGL 310AA-ZZ series)
18.0Total: 65% Program GPA required
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