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Community Based & Web Based Programs

FNUniv offers Community Based and Web-Based Programs in First Nations communities throughout Canada. These programs allow students to remain in their own communities while taking university courses. Programming is based on community needs and delivered on-site or through video conferencing technology. 

Availability of Programs

Community-Based Program locations vary from semester to semester.

The 2023-2024 partnerships include:

  • Hatchet Lake First Nation Dene Teacher Education Program (DTEP) / Bachelor of Indigenous Education (BIED) (2023-27) 
  • Waterhen Lake First Nation Cree Teacher Education Program (CTEP) / Bachelor of Indigenous Education (BIED) (2023-27)
  • Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre (Fort Erie, ON), Certificate of Mohawk I (2023-25)

The 2022-2023 partnerships include:

  • Clearwater River Dene Nation Dene Teacher Education Program (DTEP)/ Bachelor of Indigenous Education (BIED) (2022-26)
  • Parkland College Bachelor of Indigenous Education (BIED) Programs (2022-26)
  • Pinehouse IATEC Program (2022-23)
  • Touchwood Agency Tribal Council Labour Force Development (TATC LFD)/Quinton, SK), Certificate in Indigenous Social Work (2022-23)

Dene Teacher Education Program (DTEP)

The Dene Teacher Education Program (DTEP) is a four-year Bachelor of Education – Indigenous Education program.

The vision of DTEP became a reality with partnerships between FNUniv,

• Clearwater River Dene Nation
• Northern Lights School Division
• University of Regina
• Provincial and Federal Governments

The focus is on Dene Language Instruction and First Nations ways of learning. Teacher growth is specialized in the area of language acquisition and development. One of the most important impacts of a Dene Immersion and Teacher Education program is PRIDE. Students are proud of their Dene heritage and language. They represent a unique few among the First Nations peoples of Canada who have maintained and expanded their first language.

Programming is community-based, offered in the Clearwater River Dene Nation and La Loche with extensive in services in their immersion and transitioning classrooms. FNUniv was committed to meet a community and academic need to provide our students with the best possible education and also maintain and nurture the cultural and linguistic heritage of the area.

Students will work with teachers who have developed and implemented the programs.

The Spring 2020 Graduation Ceremonies welcomed the first 19 graduates of the DTEP with a Bachelor of Education – Indigenous Education Degree.

Certificate in Indigenous Access Transition Education (IATEC)

The Certificate in Indigenous Access Transition Education (IATEC) is offered through the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE), University of Regina. This program is designed to prepare students for a university-level program of study with the goal of increasing retention and success rates. The program is also designed to increase access for indigenous students to post-secondary programs. 

Please visit the page for further information on the program, core courses and program duration.

First Nations Language Instructor Certificate Program

Deadlines for Application:
April 1st – New Students
April 15th – Re-admission or Graduate Students

Contact Trina Joseph for more information.

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