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Indigenous Health Studies

The Indigenous Health Studies unit provides courses and programs in Indigenous health, contemporary issues in Indigenous health, traditional healing, and Indigenous health research methods. The unit acknowledges the importance of including Indigenous peoplesā€™ cultural teachings in the program. The diversity in knowledge within the program is an important foundation of local and place-based ethical principles that are associated with health and wellness. 

The Bachelor of Health Studies is delivered by the ¶«¾©ČČapp in partnership with the Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies, and the Faculty of Arts at the University of Regina. 

The goal of this degree is to provide students with an interdisciplinary understanding of health and the ways in which social, economic and cultural determinants of health shape individual beliefs, attitudes, experiences, and practices; it includes a consideration of holistic well-being with regard to the mental, emotional, spiritual, physiological, and biological functioning of individuals, families, and communities. 

The degree draws on both the social sciences and the natural sciences to promote critical thinking, knowledge development, evidence-based practice and community-based applications, towards the increased health of all Canadians. A key feature of this degree is an emphasis on understanding basic Indigenous health needs as a foundation for addressing inequities in health.

To address inequities in health. There is a concentration in Indigenous Health and Well-Being that supports a more in-depth focus on Indigenous health, for those interested in working with Indigenous people. 

Graduates of the Bachelor of Health Studies are currently working in the health field within government or community health services in the areas of management, policy development, health promotion, knowledge translation, and programming, or are pursuing advanced education in related fields such as medicine, counselling, social work, public health, or education. 

Programs Offered: 

  • Concentration in Indigenous Health and Well-Being (CIHWB) 
  • Certificate in Indigenous Health Practice (CIHP) 
  • Certificate in Health Studies 
  • Certificate of Indigenous Health Studies (Science) (Regina Campus)
  • Minor in Indigenous Health Studies (non-BHS students) 
  • Diploma in Health Studies 
  • Bachelor of Health Studies 

Careers Include: 

  • Government or Community Health Services 
  • Health Promotion 
  • Policy Development 

Program Available At: 

  • Regina Campus 
  • Northern Campus  

Indigenous Birth Support Worker Certificate (IBWC) – Northern Campus

The program focuses on enhancing and supporting current and future health professionals to deliver culturally safe and wholistic services.

The program intends to:

  • Provide training in local and place-based Indigenous practices in childbirth and pre- and post-natal care for Indigenous birthers and families in Saskatchewan First Nations communities.
  • Work with primary care services to include aspects of land-based birthing into western health practice.

Application Deadlines

FALL 2024 Term
Deadline: March 31, 2024

WINTER 2025 Term
Deadline: August 15, 2024

For more information regarding tuition, fees, and registration, please contact:

Jackie Nixon (she/her)
Student Counsellor, Northern Campus
p: ext. 7135
e: jnixon@firstnationsuniversity.ca

Indigenous Birth Support Worker Certificate (IBWC) Brochure

2025 Schedule

Research Grants

December 7, 2021 – takohpinawasowin: Indigenous Eldersā€™ Stories of Traditional Birthing and Child-Rearing Practices

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